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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

As a follow up to my other post proposing a virtual pre-quake experience, I'd like to share some of the scenes that have stood out to me.

2012, Avonside. The houses are still standing, and in this street there's not too much damage to note. I stayed in this area a couple of times around this time- my auntie and uncle were still living in their damaged home on Retreat road.

Here, the same spot in 2019. Bare, shrub-spotted fields that cover the eastern suburbs. I can't find the spot where my aunty and uncle lived, with their beautiful garden.

This spot in Avonside looked relatively peaceful in the 2012 capture. Some street view shots from that run show a bit more chaos: silt, blocked streets, boarded up windows, machinery and streets empty of cars and residents. This reflects the various states that the suburbs were in for the years following the quake - something I'm sure was stressful and traumatic for many.

Where there is no pre-2010 captures, the 2012 capture is next-best. You can still see some sign of what was. Sometimes in the chaos, they are almost 'during' photos.

Have a look at Brooklands - this spot can be viewed in 2008, 2012 and 2019. Before, after, after.

As a side story- here's this shot outside of my childhood home...

It makes me laugh, because I know that the old Nissan is parked strategically terribly because we couldn't lock the garage door while we were away for summer.

The car and the house aren't in my life any more, but it's cool to know about this little digital time capsule.

13 years later, cameras have improved and the new owners seem to have fixed the lock. The eucalyptus is out and the camelia is in.

Do you think everyone has places like this. When we bring new members into our tech space, especially internationals, we find it a great ice breaker to ask them to show us somewhere special on google earth VR. It's fun seeing people excited about seeing their parents old car, reminiscing about the time of year, walk us down the road to their favourite shop.

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